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Methods of Payment

Credit Cards

Verified by Visa

MasterCard SecureCode

We take security seriously!

That is why it is only possible to complete Visa or MasterCard payments in our online shop in conjunction with a 3D secure code. To obtain this code, the cardholder must contact the issuer directly and register for the service (VISA: Verified by VISA; MasterCard: SecureCode). You will be automatically prompted by your financial institution to provide your 3D secure code at the online checkout.

Please note that the three-digit code on the back of your credit card is not the same as the 3D secure code.

Additional payment methods

Cash on delivery:

You can also order VAMED Vitality World gift cards using cash on delivery at

Bank transfer:

You can also pay for orders by bank transfer if you send your order details to

At VAMED Vitality World resorts:

VAMED Vitality World gift cards can also be obtained directly from the at the VAMED Vitality World resorts.

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